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The very future of a community relies on the access to quality education and healthcare in the region. Communities and counties must work together in the future to provide strength at the state capitol and beyond when legislation seeks to reallocate resources on which we depend.

Education | Building a strong education agenda ensures each rural region can retain state funding for K-12 and secondary education, such as Career Tech training programs and higher-ed training and access. The Oklahoma Rural Association strives to find the best solution as well as lead the discussion for achieving that solution and plan to ensure that every child across this state receives a quality education, thus creating sustainable communities where our students desire to work and reside.


Healthcare | Fair and equitable funding for healthcare in our rural regions is diminishing every year. A robust healthcare agenda is focuses on available state funding and how to take advantage of federal resources to encourage new healthcare services and recruiting physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers. A shortage of health care professionals across our state continues to rise, thus leaving rural Oklahomans at a disadvantage to receiving quality health care. Programs, initiatives and resources that recruit and retain those engaged in the healthcare industry to rural Oklahoma communities are a continued priority of the ORA.


ORA Youth | Ensuring youth in rural Oklahoma has the same awareness and access to programs and leadership opportunities, the Oklahoma Rural Association will launch and ORA Youth Academy. The program will foster civic engagement, teach practical communication skills and introduce participants to career options and education opportunities.